2012 story... with stewardess :)

Well... was on business trip to SG sometime ago. Was there for 2 weeks. Company gave business class flight on SIA so ok... happy :D Also give awesome hotel to stay. Seldom get such good perks... anyway...

During flight to SG, met this very cute and seductive air hostess. As was in business class, not many ppl so can chat with her. So being naughty... I just try my luck to seduce her but had no hopes really as I'm sure many other richer guys would have done so :D But cut story short.. happened we have same interest in technological items. We had good chat for like 5-10 minutes or so. Ask her for her contact and surprisingly she gave. But I didn't expect more then that though.

On touch down in SG I asked her if she would like to have dinner with me when she is not flying and she said YES and so happen she would be off for next 2 days and this was her last flight for the day. So I was like cool. Asked her if she would like to join me for dinner later the same night instead. She agreed as she has nothing on. My mind already started to play bad stuff :D

Anyhow, we parted and I when on my work but kept having her in my mind :D After work... straight take the taxi to my hotel, check in and do all my necessaries ASAP XD. Gave her a call and she said she can come over to nearby my hotel so I don't have to move around much.

We had dinner at a nice restaurant (company pay ma :D). I gatal gatal and start to flirt with her. Happen that our table is at the corner and we are sitted next to each other, so I take my chance and lightly touch her hand first la. She didn't resist and actually touch my hand back... so good sigh :D Then I playfully slice a piece on my steak and attempt to feed her and she just oblige and lean to my side for me to feed her. Very sporting girl :) I like it :D And as she lean towards me she placed her palms on my thighs... wah lau wei... syiok man.

We continued dinner with some red wine and chat and some flirting going on. Some where mid way of dinner she placed her hand to my inner thigh and then just lean over and gave me a peck on my lips. I was ok... I think I know where this is going :D and I join in and put my left hand to her right thigh and slowly moved up her skirt. As she was wearing a mini skirt... not much for me to travel :) We still have some food to go so she continue to eat while my hand actually reached her panties and to her love spot. She looked at me with naughty wicked eyes and kept her composure and continue to eat her food but her thigh movements tell me she is already high :D And yup... her panties were slippery already :D

We finished and quickly I paid...a very expensive bill (@_@), but company pay... so ok :D Quickly when and grab cab and took to the hotel I'm staying at. Straight went up to my suite and the moment the doors close she turn to gave me a very very very deep passionate french kiss. Oh wow... my lucky day!!!!! Continue to kiss and started to kick our shoes off and without breaking went to the lounge sofa and sat down... still holding each other and kissing. By the time we broke the kiss we were both out of breath and she giggled. She then stood up and start to give my eyes a treat... she slowly start to strip dance for me. As she removed her shirt and skirt... she looks so awesome! The fitness and tone of her body was like wow. She definitely worksout HARD. Her abs are like wow... can see 3 solid lines down with slight horizontal abs definition as well. She then peeled of her bra strap one by one and then unhooked her bra and nice lovely looking boobs are shown to me. Not too big, not too small either.. I'm guessing 34C? But what makes em so nice is they are firm and standing up all perky. Nipples are pink and perky as well. This is heaven to me.... never ever had a girl with such body ever before.

She kept her lace panties on and kneel down between my legs and unzip my pants and start to give me an awesome BBBJ. Was heaven! Slow then fast then tip only, then lick all the way up and down then deep throat all mixed up together. I can't hold it and shot my load and she sucked my dry and shallowed it all... I was surprised and pleased :D She gave me a sweet smile and came up and gave me a deep french kiss.

We stripped (well me actually) and we went to the bath. She was wearing a nice white colour lace panties and was already soaking wet at her love spot. I suggest we sock in the jaccuzzy/tub and she giggle and agreed. So while the tub is filling up I sat her down on the toilet seat with the cover closed and gave her a DATY through her panties :) I could taste her juice from her panties and lovely there is no smell :) I could still smell fragrance from some laundry cleaning liquid actually :D I kept at eating her then pull her panties aside and direct contact with her lovely wet and slippery pussy... so delicious. She grabbed my head and pressed my mouth to her pussy hard and put quite some pressure on my head. Then squirt! My face got drenched LOL. Wow... she is a squirter! Cool. She looked down at me and I can see from her face she was like very high.

By the time the tub is already full. We got into the tub together and lied in it. She was still wearing her panties and that was really sexy to me. We just chat as we caress each others in the tub. My didi is hard all the while and she knew it. She then turn around and start to kiss and lick my body. First time I'm having a cat bath in a tub :D At the same time she is giving me a handjob. The sensation is so new to me and I got excited very fast and told her I was about to blow and she brough me up to standing and suck on my didi and I shot into her mouth again. Again she took it all in.

She then stood up and kissed me with her hands around my neck and put my didi between her legs. And I realised she got out of her panties while in the tub without me knowing. She was like wanting to guide me in, but I stopped her and asked her... not worried? She said it's ok and that she is on safe period. I asked again if she is sure as we just knew each other, and she said yes. She also went on to assure me that she is clean. So ok, went in slowly while standing. As she is the same height as me it was very easy to enter in this position and wow... felt so dmn good.

I continue to pump her standing and all the water in the tub was splashing out from our legs movement. She kept DFKing me and kept her arms around my neck. Kept pumping for sometime and then pop... shot right into her pussy. I didn't stop, but continue to pump and moved faster and then she came. When she squeezed her pussy tight my didi pop out of her pussy :D Along with my sperm into the tub of water :D

I release the water from the tub and we cleaned ourselves up. After that went to bed and hugged each other and we chatted some more. She is really a smart girl with great knowledge and surprisingly well verse in technological things... considering she is a stewardess. I would though her interest would be in other things.

We then start to rub and touch each other again and my didi started to wake up again. This time I gave her a nice cat bath, return the favour as how she gave me :) DATY her kau kau and she shivered and cum again. Then I turn her around and ask if she tried anal before. She said she did it twice with her ex. but haven't since then. Asked her if she would like to try with me she smiled and said sure. Used some saliva to lubricate her ass and slowly slowly entered her back. Wow... tight!!!!!! Really had to go slowly... this is almost virgin ass :D

Start to pump her from behind and she was playing with her pussy. She rubbed her pussy fast and she came rather fast. When she came she tensed up and at the same time her asshole as well... ouch... tight already... now lagi tight. A little painful but I didn't say anything... once she relax I continue to pump her ass and then from all the tightness... I pop and shot into the ass.

Wow.. tired... we went to clean up ourselves. Went back to the bed and hug each other. When looked at my watch... was already 3am. Wow... from almost 11pm to 3am. This is my longest marathon :D We went to sleep with her on my chest.

Next morning, woke up early and she was sleeping soundly. Just watching her sleeping peacefully... such as beautiful sight. Never would I imagine I would meet a girl like her in my life. I kissed her shoulder and she shifted a bit. Didn't want to disturb her so I go freshen up myself. When I came out she was still sleeping. I went to her and kissed her forehead and she gave a little mmmm and reach out to my face and brough my lips to hers. We shared a nice gentle kiss... like lovers giving each other a nice passionate good morning kiss.

Honestly I couldn't stand it and kissed her neck and nibble lightly and she moaned and giggled. She straight reached for my didi which was not fully hard yet, but halfway there and start to stroke me. And man... I got hard fast! She continued to stroke me and at the same time gave me a deep french kiss. She then sat on the bed and me being at the side of the bed, standing, she start to give me a slow steady BBBJ. Feels so good. After a while I lay her on the bed and we went 69 with her on top sucking me and me licking her pussy. She then start to give me a fast HJ and me continuing to suck and lick her pussy. Each time I nibble on her clit she would HJ me fast :D I focus on her clit and then she came with her squirt to my face and also neck... and the bed :D She gave a loud moan and HJ me fast and sucked on my didi at the same time... I could not hold it and shot into her mouth. This time she didn't shallow, but kept my cum in her mouth and when she came to me, I wasn't aware of this, she smiled and gave me a kiss then passed some of my own cum to myself. I was surprised but went with it. Surprisingly I didn't gack :D She smiled at me and said thank you for such a wonderful evening and morning :D I just told her I was surprised and wasn't prepared actually (lying). She just smiled and rested on my chest.

She then slowly slide my didi into her as she was on top and we are about the same height. She start to ride me fast and aggressive. The view of her gorgeous body was really something. Each time she pump, I could see her abs muscle working. The level of fitness this girl has is obviously insane :D I was pumping up with her rhythm and both of us came at the same time. She collapsed on me and breath heavily. I was also breathing heavily.

We laid for a while, then we went and take our bath together. While cleaning up she gave me a BBBJ to completion again and I gave her a long DATY till she squirted again. She is a machine I tell you. She came so many times but her stamina is still going strong! After cleaning we got dressed with her minus her panties as they were wet from being soaked in the tub :D So she was actually not wearing any panties with a mini skirt.... HOT HOT HOT and she was teasing me with it :D We went down to have breakfast. During breakfast we continue to flirt with each other. After breakfast I go her a cab. I wanted to give her 800SGD, but she refused, and said she wanted a good time and I gave it to her. But I insisted I pay for the cab, so I gave her 50SGD. We arranged for dinner again as she was still off and lunch near my office the next day.

I won't go into the other 2 days in detail, but just to make it short, second dinner, again nice expensive dinner, we again had our fun times... less times though this round as we both start to feel the fatigue :D On the lunch date, we ahem... did had sex in my office as I had a room to myself. That was dmn bloody exciting :D

After that she started her flight schedule again, but we are in contact and looks to be a regular friend with benefits and privilege now as we both don't want commitments :) But who knows in the future :) Will be seeing her again in Jan as I'm again travelling down to SG. Life is VERY VERY GOOD :D