Cindy 4p

This is about the first time my BF and I Did It with another couple in the car. One night we double-dated with another couple, Margaret and Jim. We went in my Boyfriend's car, so we were in the front seat, and they were in the back. We went out to dinner and then to a dance. My boyfriend is a good dancer, and the moves he makes on the dance floor are graceful, athletic, and very suggestive. As I watched him dance, I couldn't help but think of what I knew he would do later, when we were alone. He watched me as we danced - his knowing, smoldering eyes travelled up and down my body over and over again, lindgering on my face, breasts, and pelvis. I knew what it meant to be "undressed by his eyes". It made my pussy wet. After the dance, we drove out towards Lovers' Lane. I couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen there. I didn't know if Jim and Margaret were having sex on their dates. I wondered if they would Do It in the back seat while we were there.

I wondered if my BF and I would have a chance to get into the back seat so we could Do It. I wanted to, real bad. I wondered if I would be able to go through with It, with another couple in the car with us. All these thoughts went through my head, while my pussy made my panties wet. We got to Lovers' Lane and started making out. I was conscious of the other couple in the back set - I could hear them making out, too. Ther were kissing sounds and little murmurs from Margaret. After a while, my boyfriend started feeling me up in the front seat, and I let him. He cupped my breasts one at a time, making my nipples hard. He unbuttoned my blouse just enough so that he could reach inside. His warm hands on my bare skin were enough to make me surrender. He found the plastic snap tab between my breasts and unhooked my bra. My pussy was swimming inside my panties! My BF brushed the bra cup aside and rolled my nipple, sending hot thrills down my spine. I wondered what was going on in the back seat. I wondered if Margaret was letting Jim feel her up. I wondered if her nipples were hard, if her pussy was wet, if her bra was undone.

My BF dropped his hand onto my bare thigh, and another, hotter thrill went through me. I almost stopped him then, but I knew that the other couple couldn't see what was happening in the front seat, so I let him touch me there. His hand circled on my leg, and each circle moved a little higher, a little higher, a little higher, while my anticipation built. His hand reached the hem of my short skirt, and pushed it slowly up my thigh, and when he got to the top, I spread my legs for him. His fingers slid at last onto my saturated panty crotchband. I knew he could feel how wet I'd made my panties. He pushed the slippery cotton into my pussy crack and began a very slow pleasure caress there. Meanwhile, I couldn't help but be aware of the other couple in the back seat. Now there were whisperings between them. I couldn't make out most of what they were saying, but his were urgent, and hers always began with "no!". My boyfriend sped up his caress.

My hot pleasure skyrocketed. I did my best to hold still and make no sound as I came in my panties in the front seat. After that, by BF guided my hand to feel his erection through his jeans. I squeezed it, and it jumped! He pushed my hand away then, and cleared his throat. "Uhh, Jim? Margaret? Do you mind if we change places?" "OK, just a moment," Jim answered. Both couples took a minute to straighten clothing, and button buttons that had come undone. We got out of the car, and so did they. Margaret and I exchanged small, embarrassed smiles as we passed each other. They got into the front seat, and my BF and I got into the back seat. As soon as Jim's mouth was glued onto Margaret's again, my boyfriend laid me down on my back on the seat. He reached up under my skirt with both hands. I arched my butt up off of the seat so he could pull my panties down. I don't know what happened to them. He pushed my legs gently apart and lay down on me. He reached between us, and I could feel him unsnap and unzip his jeans against my bare belly. I thought maybe the other couple could hear the sound of his zipper. My heart pounded in my chest. I was about to get fucked by my boyfriend, practically in front of another couple! I almost chickened out, but then his fingers probed my pussy, sending an elecrtic thrill through me. Then my pussy lips were split by the tip of his erection. He moved it up and down in my channel, getting his tip wet. Then he pushed it down to my opening, and gently rocked his hips forwards. Nothing happened until he rocked again, and then again. Then I felt my tight opening start to give way. He pulled back and gently rocked forward again, and it opened me more. He rocked back and forward again, and stretched my opening and entered me. He rocked gently and rythmically, going a little deeper with each stroke, until he filled me completely and stretched me good. My boyfriend fucked me in the back seat. It was really, really good, and it didn't take me long to cum. I managed to be quiet the first time, but he kept fucking me after I came, and soon I was on my way to another peak.

By that point, I was asking myself why I bothered to try to be quiet. The other couple had to know that we were Going All The Way in the back seat. My BF's hips rocked hard and steady, and I was sure that the whole car was rocking too. I could hear the seat squeaking faintly, rythmically under us. I could hear the wet sounds of my pussy being filled and emptied, and I could smell the scent of my own arousal. I couldn't help panting and gasping a little, even though I had been doing my best to be silent. When my third orgasm was near, I decided it was too hard to be quiet. So, I panted and moaned out loud, and I cried out when I came, and it made me even hotter to know that the other couple in the car could feel and hear and maybe even smell that I was getting fucked in the back seat, and that they knew when I came. "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" I chanted when the release contractions swept over me. "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ohhhhh, Douglas!" My boyfriend kept fucking me after I came, and he made me cum again and then again, and I didn't even try to be quiet. After that, he sped up his thrusting, and his erection got really big inside me, and then I felt him convulse, and his hot ejaculation spurting into me. He held his breath while he came, and when he was done, he let it out almost explosively. We caught out breath, and he pulled our cum towel out from under the seat where he keeps it, and he mopped up my pussy tenderly. He cleaned himself off while I looked for my panties. I couldn't find them. We straightened out our clothing, and after a few minutes, Jim spoke up and asked if we could trade places again. There was a brief scramble in the front seat, and then we got out of the car. Margaret and I exchanged embarrassed little smiles again as we passed each other. Then we got into the front seat, and they got into the back. I wiped the fog off of the window and leaned up against my BF's shoulder, feeling golden as we looked at the moon and listeren to what was going on in the back seat. There were kisses, and little feminine purrs from Margaret, and catches of her breath. There were sharp, jerky movements, and I imagined that some of her clothing was being undone. There was silence for a while, and then a suppressed girlish moan. More jerky movements - big ones this time, accompanied by the sound of cloth moving across bare skin. I imagined Margaret arching her hips off the seat so Jim could take her jeans down.

There was the unmistakeable sound of a zipper, and then silence. Then, the car began rocking, slowly and just a little, at first. Margaret moaned; the car began rocking steadily. Jim was fucking Margaret in the back seat. They Did It for six or seven minutes, and I think Margaret came twice, but she was much better than me at keeping that quiet. Then the rocking sped up and Jim came, and he didn't try to be quiet at all. After they had time to get dressed, we took them home. After that, we took one look at each other and went back to Lovers' Lane, and Did It again before my BF took me home. The next day, he gave me back my panties. He grinned and said that Jim sent me his thanks. "Why?" I asked. "Jim said you're an inspiration. He said he's been dating Margaret for six weeks, and couldn't get into her pants until last night. Listening to us got Margaret all hot and bothered, and she couldn't wait to get into the back seat." "Ha, ha, ha," I said sarcastically. "Double dating once was OK, but if you want to get into MY pants, you should make sure that we're alone from now on." He always has, and I'm glad. But sometimes when I'm masturbating, I think about the night I let myself go, and "inspired" another girl to give to her BF and let him fuck her in the back seat. And I cum real good.